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Full Version: Happy Holidays!
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Happy Holidays/New Years to everyone from the CMaNGOS team!

We hope everyone has had a fantastic year and wish you good luck in your endeavours for 2015 Smile

Personally, I've spent the better part of this holiday season testing out my eggnog recipe. If you haven't tried eggnog before, I would highly recommend it:

#include <refrigerator>

class Eggnog
        ing egg_yolks, sugar, milk, rum, vanilla, nutmeg;
        drink Eggnog();
        drink whisk_eggs(ing, ing);
        drink mix_remaining_ingredients(drink, ing, ing, ing, ing);

drink Eggnog::Eggnog()
    egg_yolks = 5;
    sugar = 3/4 cups;
    milk = 3 cups;
    rum = 1 cups;
    vanilla = 1 teaspoon;
    nutmeg = 3/4 teaspoon;
    drink final_mix;
    final_mix = whisk_eggs(egg_yolks, sugar);
    final_mix = mix_remaining_ingredients(final_mix, milk, rum, vanilla, nutmeg);
    return final_mix;

drink Eggnog::whisk_eggs(egg_yolks, sugar)
    drink whisked_eggs;
    while (whisked_eggs != creamy)
        whisked_eggs = whisked_eggs + egg_yolks + sugar;
    return whisked_eggs;

drink Eggnog::mix_remaining_ingredients(whisked_eggs, milk, rum, vanilla, nutmeg)
    drink mix;
    while (mix != delicious)
        mix = mix + whisked_eggs + milk + rum + vanilla + nutmeg;
    return mix;

* Only use fresh eggs and wash them really thoroughly before cracking.
** Forgive any mistakes in my syntax, I'm not very practiced Smile
Profit of this period to pass some good time with your family/friends.
Because time is going fast and i count on you to make 2015 more active than 2014!
Happy Holidays to everyone!

Take some privileged time with your beloved ones, have some rest, have some fun and see you in 2015 for more great CMaNGOS stuff.
Happy Snowman's days to you all!
Happy Holidays to all... Smile
Happy Holidays to all of you! Smile
This is a joke, right? Are you guys really taking holiday instead of working for the bright future of Cmangos? Dodgy

Just Kidding! Tongue

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone!
Happy Holidays to all.
Happy Xmass to all Wink
Best wishes to all! Cool
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