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[proposal] Project cmangos-bot cleanup
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There's still a lot of issues posted by cmangos-bot waaaay back.The problem is that these issues have either been forgotten about because they're so old, or fixed by a later patch and not properly closed. It would be very good to weed out that backlog so there are no old cmangos-bot issues in the tracker. This would not only improve the core but also encourage people to post issues more as seeing a massive number of open issues can discourage people from posting new ones.

Personally I'm fairly busy and still planning on working on some newer stuff/addressing things as I run into them in-game, but if and when I find a free moment I could help with this too, but on my own I wouldn't get very far as I can't always tell if something has already been fixed yet and should be closed (am new to cMangos).


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[proposal] Project cmangos-bot cleanup - by Wingblade - 11-21-2016, 04:33 PM

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