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CMaNGOS died, long life to CMaNGOS!
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We are proud to annouce you our decision to stop completly our développement of all actual core we have.

Its decided to freeze all contribution now and keep the code as it is.

Yeah its not perfect, but you could still have some fun with it and any of you could always fork it and continue it, maybe rename it CCMaNGOS Smile

Some of you may ask, why? Devs, devs, devs... Our devs was focused to another big secret project.

You will see soon their big advancement on the last Blizzard expansion. Do i need to name it?

The project is closed source for now but it will be open source in next following days.

We know some of you are nostalgic so we have a good news for you. One core, all expansion.

Anyway here is the new frontend for the new core, an picture is better than a long sentence...

Clic here to see it
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Will it be available April 1st? Smile
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hope this is a april fools joke......
"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius --- and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction." - Albert Einstein
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Good that is become finally official word!
Note that a mandatory crowfunding participation is probably expected in order to download the files. The charges to run this new project are running up and money is needed unfortunately.
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Iam against any money back but, yea it seem necessary.
Not yet definitive (we must still decide about the detail) but all member who will contibute at least 5€ (or about 7$) will have life access to last full source instead of last revision.

ps: its not a joke, i forgeted the date. If you prefer i can delete the post and repost it tomorrow?
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(04-01-2014, 12:14 PM)Cyberium Wrote: ps: its not a joke

This I can confirm. This is actually the reason why SD2 development stopped at revision 3000.
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I´m sad Sad
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MaNGOS Single Player Project
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yup, eventually we must all move on to something else and we needed the dedicated efforts of all our devs for the new project.
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Well this sucks!
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I don't get it. Does this mean you will stop support for other cores ( Classic, TBC, WOTLK, Cata ) in favor of this closed-developed MoP core?
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