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Recompiling CMaNGOS
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I am happy to have become part of this community today, as it feels like the best place for me to learn not just my way around CMaNGOS but also get a general idea about software development. What you guys are doing here is great and ultimately I hope to become a part of that. For now, I'm as green as I'll ever be.

I managed to install the CMaNGOS database with classicDB 1.4, ACID and ScriptDev2 on Ubuntu 14.04. The core's working and everything looks amazing! Today, though, I read that random creature movement could be improved by adjusting pieces of code in RandomMovementGenerator.cpp ( Changing the code wasn't the hardest part, because you guys did all the work and I just had to edit the file. The thing I have difficulties with, though, is recompiling CMaNGOS. Do I simply return to my build directory and run make and make install again? I seriously have no idea what to do...

Maybe anyone of you can help me out? Thanks in advance! The unofficial CMaNGOS testing platform
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yes, go to your build dir and use make again. "make install" to copy the created files to your "run" folder.

Actually this is a valid point for instructions, maybe we need a new page like "maintaining" or such in the wiki..
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Thanks! All is fine. The unofficial CMaNGOS testing platform

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