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New Developers and Upcoming Changes
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Hello everyone,
Your new forum moderator here with some news and announcements I was asked to share.

Thanks to Vladimir
First of all, thanks to Vladimir for putting his trust in Cyberium and Xfurry and granting them ownership rights to the CMaNGOS repositories! This is a great privilege for the both of them and we are looking forward to their future contributions and management of the project and community. If you haven't already, send them a congratulations.

New Core Team Members
CMaNGOS is happy to announce the addition of two new core team members: evil@wow and krullgor! Please send them a congratulations, it is well deserved!

New Forum Moderator
Me... I speak better English than Cyberium and have a little background to support the role and so here I am. I'm honored and hope to be able to contribute to the CMaNGOS community in whatever capacity I can. Thank you!

Upcoming Changes
Change is on the horizon for CMaNGOS. What does that mean exactly? Well we are going to be discussing some changes in the coming days as to how to better cater to CMaNGOS users and members and make the compiling/building process easier and more user friendly.

WoD Repository
CMaNGOS has recently added a new repository for WoD! This project is being managed by Fabian and has a lot of exciting changes coming up. I should mention that this is still in the beginning phases of development and is not yet a functioning server. If you are interested in lending your support to the project please reach out to Fabian.

Contributors Wanted
Anyone can contribute to CMaNGOS and they are encouraged to! This is a community effort focused on collaboration, learning, and fun. Become a part of the action and add your input on patches, report bugs or write guides. Ask for help and give help where you can; even just talking on the forums is a big and welcome contribution.

All of that being said, CMaNGOS is always looking for developers with experience in C++ and SQL. We currently need programmers for core and script development, as well as database maintenance (see this post by Xfurry for details). Please reach out to Cyberium, Xfurry or myself for more information.

Be on the lookout for posts regarding upcoming changes and please add your input and requests to the discussion!
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The cmangos senpais have noticed me!
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Welcome to all our new developers! Smile
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Very cool! Cool
Gratz guys!
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It's great to see so much activity and interest in all of the various projects. Up and at them!
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Welcome guys!

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