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New Team Members
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Hello all,
Please join me in welcoming our latest members!

New Core Developer
Patman64 (Patman128 on forums) has been added to our core developer group (oriented mostly towards classic core). He has been here for quite some time and this move is well deserved.

New Moderator
Issuntril has been added to the moderators group and will be helping us out here on the forums.

We are still recruiting developers and are always looking for more people to contribute (as mentioned here). Please feel free to inquire via PM if you are looking for ways to help out with the CMaNGOS community.

Have a good one!
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Hello everyone, and welcome also to Patman128 (who I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more from in due course)!

Having worked for various emulation core projects through the lifespan of WoW emulation I've joined the community team in hopes of bringing another unique viewpoint to the project and hope that within time I will prove myself a valuable asset to this community. A lot of new ideas are getting thrown about at the moment, and I know a lot of you are eagerly awaiting more activity here, but hold on and keep posting those bugs and we will keep working to provide you with the best emulation experience possible.

I hope to be getting to know all of you individually very soon, happy posting!
CMaNGOS Community Support.
Ex-ArcEMU Global Moderator.
After a long break, I'm back!
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Welcome guys!

If anything does not work as intended: I cleaned out my basement and just found my old whip Tongue
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