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Doing WoW-Emulation Right!

Hello there and welcome to the CMaNGOS (Continued-MaNGOS) project, where individuality and creativity meet. Our goal is to create a fully functioning server (written in C++) that emulates communication with the game client of World of Warcraft, and to provide a collaborative and safe development environment for everyone to learn and progress in their respective fields. But you probably knew that right? However, here's something that you may not know. Here at CMaNGOS wedon't seek to profit individuallyor even as an organisation, oh no! We seek only toprofit as a wholefor everyone with the end result that we produce. Why might you ask? Because it's what we enjoy doing, it's what we're passionate about, and it's what we're damn good at! Our team of dedicated and passionate individuals collaborate daily to discuss the future and direction of the project based on the input of both the community and it's contributors, and how best to achieve this goal. We aren't interested in getting there first, we care about the quality and standard of our code andhow we get there. All commits that we make must go through a rigorous (and sometimes even cutthroat) testing procedure before we even consider implementing it, and we believe this sets us apart from the rest! You will findno hacky workaroundshere,no quick fixes. All of our code is stable and thoroughly tested by our large and active community before being released officially and uploaded to our repositories.

And here's something else that you might not know, CMaNGOS isjust as much yours as it is mine! Everyone here is equal, nobody stands above another person. Nobody here is going to tell you what to do, or what you should be doing. We embrace absolutely and completely theopen sourcespirit which, all those years ago, emulation was first envisioned to be. That's why all of our source code is released under the open source GPL andforever will be. Here you're free to direct your attention to whatever you're most passionate about and contribute to what interests you, not what others may demand or expect. But most of all we're here to have fun and achieve something truly amazing at the same time; that's why we stand at the forefront of World of Warcraft emulation. That's why we will always stay there.

Our community is absolutely unique and it contains people from all walks of the emulation scene. We cooperate with some of the most talented individuals and projects out there, whether it's database/SQL development (Project Silvermoon, UDB,YTDB), scripting (ScriptDev2, ACID) or just core modification, you'll find a wide array of different communities all with different ideas and opinions, and all working together to create something beautiful. And guess what? There's a spot for you too. So get involved inany way you can! Be that trying to compile your own server or simply saying hello and watching what direction we go in; we can't wait to see what new and exciting prospects you bring to the table.

Now I'm sure that you're on the edge of your seat, bursting with ideas and creativity, eager to contribute to this amazing project. So you might ask, "where do I start?" Anywhere you like! Please feel free to register on the community forums and see what current topics/issues are being discussed, or simply decide what area you're passionate about and contribute as and when you see fit. You'll find our github repositories availablehere. Not into coding/scripting? Then you can check out our wikihereand write some documentation to help new users or simply fine tune the currently existing guides. Alternatively you could join in proactive discussion by downloading an IRC client and connecting to our IRC channel( could also connect via the web client foundhere). Please see our Contributing & Developmentpost for more details.

We are always seeking new developers to join our team officially and so if that is something you feel you'd be suited towards, please contactCyberium, Xfurry,shnibble, orIssuntrilvia PM or IRC. Be prepared to provide a sample of your work, or to create a fix for something that is a known issue. We don't ask this to judge you or decide if you're worthy, we simply ask so we may understand what level you're working at and where your best attributes are. Remember that this is alearning environment; we encourage mentoring and teaching as a foundation of our organization.

From everyone here at CMaNGOS we welcome you and hope that you will get as much from the project as we know that many others do. Good luck and have fun!

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