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Hello, im new in this forum, not in emulation in general, being focused for many years at Trinity, I didn't take the time to look at other projects, and I came here few days ago. Wow I mean the first thing I wanted to test was Trial of The Champion and Culling of Stratholme, i'm verry impressed, TC is not even close to what you guys have done, I don't know if the overall experience is better with TC or CMaNGos but really those where two at least things I hated so far about TC, now for sure I am moving on using your core/db/scriptdev2/acid, name it, releases and updates.

Thanks guys for all that work, very impressed!!

I even made playerbot with classic and tbc servers, so much fun!

Keep up the good work, you have a new fan as well Smile
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Thank you!
This is a really great feedback! Smile
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Thank you! Smile
I'm glad you appreciate what we are doing here and I hope you will enjoy playing the game on the different core versions.

If you want to, you are also welcome to contribute in any way:

Cheers, Smile
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I still can't believe how active you guys are, well the forums aren't "that" active but I always see cmangos and sd2 and acid updated on a daily basis on github, I really love you guys for still working on this project. I've been here so long now, I wish I could contribute in some way but I'm no good at coding, in the meantime I've been really enjoying all the hard work you guys do, thank you for keeping this project alive.
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Yes it is Time to SAY

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Thanks guys, I always appreciate feedback, especially positive one! Smile

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