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CMangos Really Is the Best
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Just wanted to say that this emulator really is the best one out there, you guys have the most support for scripting that I've seen, I really like the dbscript tables, its the easiest way to get things working blizzlike without compiling new code, it's a shame this emulator is being overshadowed by the other ones that support newer expansions, those emulators don't work as well, don't have the scripting tables needed to get everything working, I hope you guys can catch up to them someday and really give them a run for their money, keep up the good work.
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Yes you are right

We missing many ancient Features the Blizz like Lootsystem, NPC's on Ships,Zepelin. More BUG fixing in mmaps.
Example: Wailing Caverns don't works the EndBoss with mmaps is enabled.

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Aren't the ships just seperate maps? I thought I saw that in the game files, all you need to do is spawn them on the right map id and they should stick to the ships, the problem is trying to find the right coords since you can't teleport to those ship maps and all the gathered data I've seen so far has the npc's spawning in the world instead of the ship id's.

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