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How can be people be of assistance to CMaNGOS?
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Hi folks! I've been following the CMaNGOS project for a bit over a year now and I am amazed at the amount of work a lot of people on this forum put into it. I'd like to help out if I can, but I have no clue where to start. Would be it a good idea to write some kind of FAQ that could direct people like me to take the appropriate steps in order to help out the devs? What is it that this project needs? More testers? More developers? Both? How and where can testers post their results? How do potential developers push their changes to the correct repository? Just a few questions that come to mind. I really hope to be of use to this project at some point! Smile

Personal information: I currently run a CMaNGOS WotLK private server with a few buddies and we've been testing for a few nights straight. We aim to try and fix a few things ourselves in the nearby future and offer these fixes to the CMaNGOS project. The unofficial CMaNGOS testing platform
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(09-15-2015, 07:09 AM)Beerfish Wrote: How and where can testers post their results? How do potential developers push their changes to the correct repository?

There is some information on this in the Wiki on Github, especially in the Contribution Guidelines. Sadly some things are outdated and the wiki is lacking information on basic git usage. From what I could piece together so far, best way is to fork a core/DB on Github, clone it to a local repository, implement your changes, push them back to your Github fork and then open a pull request from there. However, I have yet to figure out how to keep your fork synced with the original repository while also making changes, I believe that's what branches are used for. seems to be a rather understandable git tutorial, albeit being quite extensive, at least to the initiate. Blush

Major feedback channels, apart from the forum obviously, are the Issue-trackers on Github. There is a central issue tracker for the cores and others on each DB/SD2/ACID-repository. Choosing the right one can be a bit confusing at first but I think the devs all read the central issue tracker and the forums, so if you are unsure where to report your findings you can stick to those. If you would like to help with testing the issue trackers are a good starting point as well. There are many issues which could use more feedback, be it a simple confirmation of the error, testing it in other cores, more research on current/intended behaviour or even a fix for it.

Hope this helps! Smile

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