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purpose of make some movement ack message
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There are some movement ack message handled in WorldSession like "HandleMoveTeleportAck" and "HandleMoveKnockBackAck".
The server knows everything, it can compute the destination position. When the spell has cast, server can set player's position like what it does to NPC.
So when player cast those spells, why server needs an acknowledge from client?
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For increased realism in movement, due to latency. If I have 10,000ms latency, it will take my client 10 seconds to acknowledge that message. If we did not wait for the ACK, that is 10 seconds that my client sees me in one place, but others see me in another.
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So if server don't wait client ACK, client can move during this latency, then the start position for the movement(for example, blink) will not same.
namreeb, I have 2 more question:
1. I notice that when server handle movement request, it doesn't check player's state like STUN with same reason? If server check that and ignore movement request, then player will stop on different position, the client position will ahead of server's. This also implies other players at client still can move even it has STUN state when it recv server's movement broadcast . Am I right?
2. I found when knock back a unit, if unit is not player, server launch a movespline to do the movement. But if unit is player, it just set the position in ACK message handler without launch a movespline. This will make player's position different in this movement, if there is ranged attack, the delay of deal health will inaccurate. Why server does not launch a movespline for player?

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