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Cataclysm Error extracting resources
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In my perilous quest to get a 4.3.4 server up and running, I've managed to get this far. I've tried pretty much every solution under the sun. Running the sh command in bash errors out with could not read dir_bin file! Trying to run each exe individually, well, ad.exe crashes as soon as I click on it. I could at least run the core with maps and dbcs only, but I cant even get that far. I've tried different clients as well. Including the 18 Mb one that gives me a clean 4.3.4 client. I've tried recompiling ad.exe and it just fails. I've tried adding my WoW directory to PATH in advanced system settings. Nothing. I've even tried downloading maps, dbcs, vmaps, and mmaps, but everything I've downloaded the core rejects as outdated. Tried running things in elevated command prompts etc. etc. etc... What's the deal here?
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if the ad.exe crashes, your client is not 100% downloaded. You need a full client
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there is a link in the third party projects subforum of the developers corner that has a github project that will download the all the data files needed to run a specific version(4.3.4 and above) its a great way to get the data files for running the extractors as the bin files are not needed by the extractors in any way.

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