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[Classic] Mobs stop chasing and stare blankly when they cannot reach you
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Hello everyone!

I recently had a problem with my classic server. In some cases, like youarestanding on a tallpillar, or somewhere elsethe mobscan not reach you, the mobswill stop chasing andstanding staringyou. Thenyou can easilykill them without any hassle. Big Grin

May Iask for some help, how to avoid this situation? For example.Letthe mobs returnto their original position or dosomething instead ofstanding and waitfor dead.

Thank you for help!
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I think I have resolved this problem partially.

bool Unit::CanReachWithMeleeAttack(Unit const* pVictim, float flat_mod /*= 0.0f*/) const
  if (GetTypeId() != TYPEID_PLAYER &&   // if the mob
        movespline->Finalized() &&          // he want to melee attack but stop moving
        !isInRoots())                          // except some spell trapped him
    return true;                     // let him can.


  float reach = GetCombatReach(pVictim, true, flat_mod);

  // This check is not related to bounding radius
  float dx = GetPositionX() - pVictim->GetPositionX();
  float dy = GetPositionY() - pVictim->GetPositionY();
  float dz = GetPositionZ() - pVictim->GetPositionZ();

  return dx * dx + dy * dy + dz * dz < reach * reach;

I know this way is ugly and not perfect, but it resolved my problem.

If anyone has more nice way, or some improvement, show me please.I appreciate. Big Grin

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