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Determining NPC Movement and Position in Client
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I am busy working on a headless client for Vanilla wow and have come across an issue regarding NPC movement. My question isn't necessarily specific to CMangos, but I thought I'd ask here anyway since that is the server I am using.

I'm creating a headless client to have bots follow me around using the Classic version and everything is going great so far. My bots follow my target just fine but when it comes to combat they have trouble determining when an NPC stops it's movement. From what I have seen so far when an NPC starts it's movement the server sends a MSG_MONSTER_MOVE packet. I receive that one just fine, however when the NPC (in this case an enemy) reaches it's destination my bot doesn't know it and it keeps on running thinking it's still moving. As soon as the NPC turns I get another MSG_MONSTER_MOVE packet that tells me the position and the angle in which it is now facing. However, if the NPC never turns the bot just keeps on running because it thinks the NPC is still moving and runs off into the sunset.

I'm wondering (hoping)if anyone knows how the client handles this. The WoW client somehow knows when the NPC stops so I'm wondering how I can get my bot client to know that as well. The funny thing is that I see in the MSG_MONSTER_MOVE packet there is a flag that tells when the monster movement stops, however I'm never receiving a packet with that flag. And it doesn't look like it is called in the code either. I'm just receiving movement start and turns in the MSG_MONSTER_MOVE packets. Any help/advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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As it turns out not 30 minutes after I asked this question a light bulb went on. It looks like path nodes and the destination node of the NPC movement is being sent with the MSG_MONSTER_MOVE packet. Problem solved!

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