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SpellDBC move to SQL
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I have noticed the following commit (

But I just had a quick question, will this also have impact on the client spells 'reagents'. To explain this question, in some patches the building materials of an item have been changed (costing more/less). Crafting an item is a spell for the game, a spell with reagent costs.

If you change this in SQL, will that also show 'correctly' on the client of the user? Or will the clients still use their local DBC files to feed the client, and the server just uses the SQL to calculate the spell effects etc.
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Depending on what it is you are trying to change (in this case the "cost" of a spell) it will be server side only, the client will display the cost as XXX of YYY. Now, it gets even better (or worse, depending on your point of view) -- depending on the client version, the client may have checks that prevent you from turning a spell into zero (or something less than or greater than) cost.

Let's use taxi nodes as an example. It would be really cool to make your own flight paths. I mean all they consist of are a bunch of waypoints. Nope. No go. The client checks the local DBC.

Now, if you want to hack client DBCs -- different story, but if you are going to do that, it would be just as easy to use the DBCs server side.

The main thing the SQL DBC table is for is adding serverside spells that aren't in the client DBC. For example, there are a LOT of summon spells, and transport spells that aren't included in the client.

EDIT: I don't play with anything past WoTLK, but just dumping the DBCs from 1.12 and 2.4.3 gives you a LOT of spell data that is still applicable to WoTLK, but blizz removed from the 3.3.5a DBCs. Take that data, and format it properly, and viola, you can remove a lot of hacks, and use proper spells Smile
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So its for checking and new spells, but the client will never have that information (tooltips/cost display etc). Because those will remain to use the local DBC files.

To answer my own question, from that point of view, No, it's not possible to alter the cost of a 'craft item' spell in the client, at least not visual.
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I really want to thank the cmangos devs for this, its one of the best changes to ever happen to this emulator, it really helps for custom content and making instances soloable without having to edit the Spell.dbc or modify any game files, I really love it when everything is in the database then you can just put it in with your custom queries.

Thank you cmangos Smile
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