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[Classic] Debuff Limit (8/16) Settings/Code?..
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After an hour or so of searching, I've come up empty handed. Where is the information related to NPC debuff limitations? I'd like to be able to modify it and test using different values. IIRC the limit went from 8 to 16 during Vanilla, but I cannot find any information on where this logic is located within the Classic project or database.
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I just implemented Aura's in a custom client I am working on and it seems the debuffs are stored as Aura's. In Classic there are 48 aura slots, the first 32 look like they are for positive effects (buffs), and the last 16 are for negative effects (debuffs).

I don't think you can modify to be more than 16 in Classic because the client expects that data structure. If you wanted to change it to limit it to 8 you would need to change the server code to only use 40 slots of Aura's instead of 48, leaving the last 8 unused.

I don't believe there is a config option for any of this though. A dev can correct me if any of this is wrong.
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You are correct that the number of debuffs that can be shared with the client is limited by the size of the descriptors. We cannot change that. I don't remember the limit off hand, but I think it actually is larger than 16. True blizzlike, however, is 16 with a priority system (for buffs and debuffs I think?) so that ignite will always win over deep wound etc.

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