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Confused about Mangos and CMangos
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I was under the impression that this was the newest mangos, being called Continued Mangos, but now I see over at the old mangos site at they are also having daily updates and they have ScriptDev3

I don't understand which is better, how come we only have ScriptDev2? Is CMangos no longer getting the newest scripts? Am I in the wrong forum?

I don't mean to be an ass, I've been a long time supporter of CMangos but now I don't understand which core has the newest stuff, do the guys behind SD2 no longer provide updates for us?
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Well there was a big schism in 2013, when the projects spilt. If you want to read the ensuing flame war it can be found here, but AFAIK the getmangos site has always been around. Some additional reading I googled.

They use different scripting, ElunaLuaEngine and SD3, while cmangos uses ACID, DBScripts and SD2. I thinkSD3 is an improvement of SD2 made by the getmangos people after the projects split, because the original SD2 Dev went to cmangos. Btw. there is a ElunaLua version for cmangos.

As for which project is better, you be the judge. I doubt anyone has done a thorough comparison of both projects. When I had to choose between the two when I got into emulation two years back, it came down to the fact of getmangos having a donation button on their page while cmangos doesn't. Smile
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So the original SD2 devs are here? So really we got the newest script dev but they are making their own and calling it SD3 just to sound newer?
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Basically. This is what a getmangos dev stated on the subject in one of the links I posted (the "I googled" one):

Olion Wrote:ScriptDev3 is at the moment the same SD2 with a bit improved code structure and style, nothing substantially new in the content.

But the post is nearly a year old, so who knows...
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cool, thank you for enlightening me, i was worried this core wasnt getting any more sd2 updates or something, its just weird the way the names are
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No worries, Scriptdev2 is alive an kicking. It even has been added to the core repository lately, so you just have to pull that and get all the updates.
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yup I got that, I was actually having trouble with that new boost thing that got added but I finally got it working

i noticed the new database has no startup errors at all now, no missing food or wrong char gen items, looks really good

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