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How do I receive the authenticator code on the server side
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I've enabled the securityFlag to cause the authenticator pin pad to show up on the client, you can click in your auth code and hit submit

I get disconnected from server obviously because it's not hooked up, but I can't seem how to access the authenticator code on the server side

Using Wireshark the only packet I can see leaving looks like this

[Image: oa7xMIL.png]

But I'm not sure if any of that contains the code, e.g. I always press 1111 in the authenticator but I'm not sure how to get the 1111 on the server side so I can check it with googles authenticator

Does anybody know which struct or how I would get 1111 on the server side?

I don't know if SRP A (A = Authenticator?) contains a hashed 1111 or something.

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