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Question regarding DOTs and resistance in Vanilla
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I'm confused about one thing : DOTs.

For exemple, corruption, shadow word: pain or curse of agony

I have found evidences from vanilla videos that they have partial resists (found evidences for different patchs, including 1.12, that i can post here if needed) that clearly show partial resists from such dots,but two things remain unclear:

1/ are they ALSO subject to BINARY roll upon their application? (then followed by a non-binary mechanic uplied to each tick). If not, they would sucessufuly land most of the time (unless it misses) I could find no evidence of that, even tho i found some old posts where ppl said "DOTs were both binary and non-binary".

2/ Their tick can be partially resisted, but at which values? 25, 50, 75% is certain, but can a tick also fully resist ? The blizzard source says that non binary should have some 100% resists, but is it confirmed for DOTs? As for me, Icant remember fully resisting a tick in vanilla.

If anyone has any insight, i would be very gratful

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I'm afraid I can't really help myself, but you might want to talk/discuss this with Warlockbugs as (s)he's the one that's been doing some related work in the core lately.
Some other related stuff that crosses my mind and might provide more info or useful pointersare this commit and this open issue.
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I thought spell resistance only effected the spells chance to hit, once it does it should be doing the full damage per tick.

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