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Cataclysm Do I clone all core files or just those pertaining to desired expansion?
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Hey guys,

First, I would like to say that this seems to be an awesome and helpful community. I have never attempted anything like this and this project is amazing. Thanks to everyone who has contributed!

As I said, this is my first time attempting to set up an emulator like this. I am cloning the core CMaNGOSfiles to be able to play Cataclysm. Do I need to clone each of the core files (vanilla, tbc, etc) or JUST the Cataclysm files? Ditto on the DBs.

I am asking because when I went to clone the core MaNGOS files I received an error. Fatal: directory mangos already exists and is not empty... So that leads me to believe that I am only supposed to download the one set of core files?

Thanks, guys!
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I did more searching and on another website ( ) it is explained that you only get the core files for the version of WoW that you intend to play. IE, if you want to play Cataclysm then only download/clone the mangos-cata.git. If you want to play The Burning Crusade then only download/clone mangos-tbc.git.

I will leave this post up as it mayhelp someone else. I don't think it was clear on this board ( ).
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Just clone the cata core files if you want to play cata. If you want im puting a db team together only focising on cata db. Ull share the db i have then wirh you. It has worgan fully playable.
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