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The Burning Crusade Best way to create Ranged EventAI?
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Any tips on how to create good looking, smooth ranged EventAI?

Most creatures using ranged spells looks something like this:

>Enable Dynamic Movement 9-80 Yds
>Disable Dynamic Movement 0-8 Yds (And Enable auto attack)
>Set Dynamic Movement and Prevent Melee on Aggro
>Cast Shoot Bow 5-30 Yds (Possibly also disable auto attack)

That's basically how they all look. A few issues with this structure are:

- The creature has really laggy and unsmooth movement.

- If you move within melee range and then sprint out of melee range the creature will enable melee (auto attack) and keep it enabled despite disabling it on 5-30 Yds. This seems to
cause even more laggy movement (see video).


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