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WotLK - Veins, Herb etc. - always spawned, not despawning, infinite loots
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I am having a special problem with the veins, herbs (gatherables) - they have no spawntimer, all of them spawn instantly, in every position at server boot. Andthey do not despawn. And unless I modify the database, they also have infinite amount of content (you can keep on harvesting them).
To solve the last problem, I modified data2, 4 and 5 in the gameobject_template on Copper Veins - just to test (entry 1731, type 3), and this stopped the infinite harvesting on Copper Veins.

I am however unable to get the object to despawn when emptied.
I also have the problemthat all spawnpoints are spawned instantly at login, I tried modifying the spawntimesecsmin and max in the gameobject table, but to no help.

Please anyone having any experience installing the WotLK with this post: do you have similar issues? (wotlk-db)
Or any experience at all that can help.

Everything else seems to work.
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Do you have GM mode enabled? It lets you see stuff before it actually respawns.
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(04-19-2017, 11:29 AM)Castro Wrote: Do you have GM mode enabled? It lets you see stuff before it actually respawns.

No. Logged in with a gmlevel 0 (player) account.

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