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Thank You CMangos!
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I agree MOP killed paladins, they used to be my favorite class to play in Wrath, Cata they were semi-usable but not nearly as fun, and MOP I basically just got him to 90 and shelved him. The only reason I think it would be interesting to get a private MOP going is Timeless Isle, it has some interesting aspects that would be fun to tinker with but in the real servers they mashed a bunch together and its a complete mess and way too crowded.

I'm hoping to finally finish school up this month and my fiancée has terminal cancer so my time is probably going to be way too free soon, I'd like to help with the cata stuff but I'm not sure how or what you guys need to move forward on it. Are you guys familiar with project management software? It might be helpful to the community if there was like a task -> subtask -> sub sub task kind of a layout with elements and actionable items to work on, I think a lot of people would like to help but don't want to be in the way or redo stuff someone else is already doing.

Seems like I saw something about a donation thing a while ago too, is there still a project donation and support thing and what is the status on that?

The separate DB thing seems a little strange since the one core, one scripts thing pretty much means one DB too or several DBs that have to be identical to work right..?
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Sad news Sad

No donation is/was suported here for any reason. And i think that will remain like that as far i am around here.

Thank you anyway for your proposal.

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